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Welcome to – your emergency link to a better, healthier and fitter body

EmergencyLink is an independently-run online resource that provides honest and reliable advice about nutrition, training tips, and supplement reviews.

Unless stated otherwise, all information is relevant to bodybuilders, athletes, sports enthusiasts of both sexes and anyone who just wants to lose weight and get back into shape. If you have a serious interest building and maintaining a phenomenal physique, this site is here for you. There is no sexual bias.

In fact, there are no biases at all.

All the reviews of legal steroids, pre-workout supplements, fat burners, and other nutritional products present the honest opinion of the reviewer responsible for evaluating the product.

Supplements that earn a place on the list of recommended products do so on their own merits. Very few make the grade.

In order to earn a recommendation, supplements need to provide superior results and do so consistently without causing side effects.

If a product is not safe to use or is likely to let people down, it’s a waste of money and a liability. If it’s not safe, we don’t want it and we advise you to stay away from it too.

Too many people are willing to put their health on the line by putting steroids and other dangerous products into their bodies. EmergencyLink exists to teach people there’s a better way.

Meet the Team

Mark Jones

Writer/Personal Trainer

I’m Mark Jones. I workout.
I train hard and eat well and use natural supplements to aid strength and physical conditioning.
If you are not using these 3 areas then you are up there with the idiots who skip leg day.
I write a lot of the material myself and also use expert writers.

Steve Calvert

Researcher/Writer CPD Certified

Steve is a professional writer who has been specializing in health, fitness, and weight loss for more than six years.

A former bodybuilding enthusiast and martial artist, Steve is CPD Certified in Nutrition for Weight Loss. He’s researched and reviewed more than 1,000 supplements, but very few of them were capable of gaining his approval.

Steve is big on research. He checks everything and knows the best resource to go to when he needs to validate the claims manufacturers make.

Sarah Taylor

Dietician/Personal Trainer

Sarah has been a personal trainer for 7 years. She enjoys the journey of bringing her clients back into physical shape.

Sarah is also big on nutrition and is careful to make sure she fuels her body when she is working out. She has written several guides to fitness and reviews are women focused diet supplement reviews.

Helping You To Train Smarter and Harder

Our goal is to cut through the industry hype. We want to help our readers avoid all the wrong information that makes building the body beautiful seem more mysterious and complicated than it is.

It’s about becoming as strong as a bull without any of the bullshit. Forget the fads and latest trends and learn what a combination of correct nutrition and training can do for you and how to choose the best supplements to help.

Why We Link to Third-Party Sites

All of the pages on EmergencyLink provide links to third party websites. The contact page is the only notable exception.

These links are provided for a number of different reasons.

The articles and reviews on the site are well researched and often mention specific clinical trials and scientific studies.

When an article references a specific study to support a certain point or dispute a false marketing claim, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. That’s why we provide a link.

Although we realize not everyone wants to conduct their own research or do fact any fact checking, some people do. It’s a good habit to have and we encourage it. Knowledge is power.

We also provide a link when an article or review uses a term that is likely to be new to the average site visitor.

Some of the supplement reviews contain a direct link to the manufacturer’s website. We never link to a product sales page unless we are certain it works and is 100% safe to use.

However, when an evaluation proves a product has value and is safe to use we always provide a link. There are a few reasons why we do so.

The first reason is pretty simple. The link makes it easy for people to find out further information about the product. It also enables people to get up-to-date price information.

Then there’s the problem with counterfeit products.

A lot of the top supplements are only available directly from the manufacturers’ sites. Most consumers are not aware of this. So, when they see a fake product for sale elsewhere they never question the authenticity and purchase it.

Copy-cat supplements look like the product they imitate, but they do not provide the same results. There is also a very real chance such product may make people ill.

The unscrupulous companies marketing these fake products often distribute them via Amazon, eBay, and other online sales portals.

A direct link to the manufacturer’s site helps ensure our visitors do not buy counterfeit products.

In order to be fully transparent about the site’s marketing practices, we would also like to point out a few pages contain affiliate links.

When people click these links, if they subsequently buy a product it will generate a small commission. Any money we receive helps pay for the costs of hosting and maintaining the site.

Where We Stand on Steroids

EmergencyLink does not support or endorse the use of anabolic steroids in any way shape or form. They can be very damaging to the health and are generally more trouble than they are worth.

Using steroids presents legal implications as well and may get you banned from competing in competitions.

Many supplements provide similar or superior benefits and some manufacturers provide specialized steroid alternatives—often called “legal steroids”.

We’re no longer living in the 70s. Steroids are yesterday’s news. They are also bad news. There is no need for anyone to risk damaging their health with steroids. Better alternatives are available.

Mission Statement

It is our hope that the information provided on this site will help our readers attain the physique they desire and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

We aspire to become a trusted and reliable ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. Whatever your present level of fitness, we are here to help.

All information provided on the site is checked regularly and updated where necessary. However, if you feel there is something we have missed, please feel free to get into touch via the contact page.