What's EmergencyLink?

Important Features

Store Important Information

EmergencyLink allows you to store your important contacts and copies of all your important records in one location. In an emergency this information can be easily accessed or shared as you desire.


You can share their information with other Members so they may aid you in an emergency. EmergencyLink offers multiple levels of sharing so you only share what you want, with whom you want.

Live 24-hour Emergency Support

EmergencyLink's 24-hour Emergency Response Center is ready to act on your behalf. From the moment a first responder calls our Emergency Response Center, our team of trained professionals will relay your Emergency Medical Information to medical personnel and contact your friends and family in an emergency.

Add Your Family Members

You can add dependent accounts (children, elders, pets) to your own account. Each dependent receives their own EmergencyLink ID Cards, and has all the features of the EmergencyLink service.

Missing Persons, Medical and Other Reports

In an emergency time is critical. With EmergencyLink you are able to create a missing person, medical and other reports for anyone you have on your EmergencyLink account. If you do not have access to your account, our emergency response center can create a report for you and immediately forward it to the police or hospital.


EmergencyLink has developed extremely sophisticated mobile applications. These applications are free and allow users the full functionality of the EmergencyLink service. You can link to each respective application from the footer of the EmergencyLink website.

Security and Privacy

EmergencyLink takes your security and privacy very seriously. We have implemented many of the same security features used by leading banks and financial institutions around the world and we will not sell your information to third-parties, for any reason.